Reasons why to choose underfloor heating/cooling by REVEL

Reasons why to choose underfloor heating/cooling by REVEL

Why you should use the REVEL underfloor heating/cooling system for the entire property?

Because it is comfortable and economical, and therefore environmentally friendly. Another advantage is the possibility of using low-temperature sources, such as heat pumps, vacuum tubes or condensing boilers.

Maintaining a thermal comfort in the interior by means of an underfloor hydronic system all year round is the latest global trend. This solution allows you to achieve comfortable room temperatures in winter and summer months as well. There are not many tropical days in our latitudes, but their number is constantly growing due to global climate change. Interiors in highly insulated properties may get overheated from interior sources of heat, and this potential risk becomes increasingly hot issue. Especially lightweight attic spaces insolated through roof windows are susceptible to high indoor temperatures that may become uncomfortable. Also various household appliances such as computers, tumble dryers, dishwashers, cooktops and electric kettles, TV sets, water heaters, saunas and fireplaces play a significant role. Hardly anybody realizes that presence of 5 persons in the room produces a thermal load of approx. 1kW.

An underfloor system, which can cool your rooms

The underfloor cooling is a radiant system, in which the negative radiation has positive effect on large interior spaces, including the ceiling, walls and furniture. This method of cooling is completely safe in terms of health and substantially contributes to the thermal comfort and well-being of the people. The total radiant surface is large in such systems, and, therefore, people inside the room do not feel only the air temperature itself, but the resultant temperature, effect of which can be likened to the pleasant feeling during skiing in a T-shirt with short sleeve in springtime.

How to control the system

The underfloor system has a high capability of self-control in both heating and cooling mode. The total output capacity is emitted within a small temperature difference between the floor surface and the room air (usually no more than 6°C), and if temperature changes by 2°C, the output capacity of the system drops by 30%,  with no manual intervention. Of course, it is possible to fit individual loops with thermo-electronic actuators controlled by room thermostats (typically wireless), but as stated above, they are mostly used in spaces with a fireplace or with dangerous insolation, as well as in areas, in which time-controlled heating is required.

Technical conditions

The Mollier’s i-x Diagram for moist air shows that structures with temperature adjustments, which also include the underfloor cooling systems, cannot be used in areas, in which the relative humidity of air lies above 60% for a long period. It is also necessary to control the surface temperature of the pipe (PE-X) in order not to drop below the limit value of 16°C. Below this limit value, water vapours may condensate and the wooden flooring material on the floor surfaces may be damaged in the long term. For this reason, underfloor cooling is not suitable for dry systems laid into wood-fibre boards, since there is a high risk of irreversible swelling of this material.

Air conditioning of indoor spaces through the cooled floors, provided that the surface temperature of the flooring material is kept at 20°C (no ice-cold floor), is limited to about 40W/m², and according to practical experience, it cannot lower the indoor air temperature by more than 4°C.  Due to desirable movement in the resulting temperature, reported feelings of the users are more than comfortable and this system can be recommended for widespread use.

One of possible source alternatives can be the combination of underfloor heating/cooling system with the air-to-water heat pump manufactured by REVEL, which is specifically designed for a long-term operation in reverse mode (models LWRa-8kW or LWRc-8kW). At the same time, REVEL is the only Czech manufacturer of plastic piping systems based on cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) as the material suitable for direct embedding into concrete. REVEL is able to deliver you the whole system on turnkey basis through the network of its partners or using its own experienced team.

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