Air conditioning or underfloor cooling?

You may be wondering why to install an underfloor cooling system if various air conditioners are available? But when you look closer and check the technical particulars, you can see that the underfloor heating system offers many advantages when compared to conventional A/C systems. At the same time, such solution is advantageous because the amount you need to invest into the heating of your spaces in winter and cooling them during the summer season is all-in-one with this system.

Why to use the underfloor cooling system by REVEL instead of A/C system?

  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient solution
  • Silent running
  • Absence of cold air flows
  • Thermal stability of the heated spaces
  • Multi-purpose solution – cooling and heating in one
  • One investment only to heat and cool your home

Underfloor hydronic heating/cooling systems are suitable for a wide range of applications when compared to other systems such as passive cooling by earth air tubes, which is the most effective option in terms of operating costs, but it cannot be used everywhere.  The underfloor ducted air conditioning (provided that the temperature on the flooring surface is maintained at 20°C) cannot lower the indoor air temperature by more than 4°C, but due to desirable movement in the resulting temperature, reported feelings of the users are more than comfortable.

Underfloor cooling systems offer many advantages when compared to conventional A/C systems.  Besides their energy efficiency, they are distinguished by absolutely silent operation, and as such, they never annoy you with noisy fan running or cold air flows like the conventional A/C systems do. Room temperature is kept at a constant level without any fluctuations.