Warranty of REVEL-PEX System

We provide full warranty for our system using our pressed axial connection without o-rings for 25 years, whereas the system’s operating time is under common conditions up to 100 years. Hold generally that any decreasing of the temperature and pressure in system extend the operating time markedly. The company will provide (render) in case of system‘s failure caused by manufacturing defect or material‘s defect including clearly defined consequentional defects in full-amount (not the lost profit for instance), whereas the user of the system is obligate to make such provisions against it that will minimize potential damages. This is covered by company‘s assets and insurance.

Full limited warranty is provided under the following conditions

  1.  the conditions of the sytem‘s lying are specified in our technical advise that is a part of our catalogue and everybody who starts to work with the system should get know with technical advise which can be found at our web site www.revel-pex.com
  2. before enclosure of the system in the construction, the system must be put under the pressure by water, air or by antifreeze at a pressure 550-690 kPa (80-100 psi), for minimal 8 hours.
  3.  while covering, the system must be under the pressure min. 250 kPa (30 psi) so if there is any demage it would be visible and any other damages could be avoided. No lability can be accepted by Revel company for mechanical failures or consequental damages.
  4. it is necessary to protect the system filled with water from freezing. Our pipeline PE-X including fittings is indeed frost-proof but the warranty doesn‘t refer to any accidental damage caused by frost.
  5. REVEL company or any company appointed by REVEL reserves the right to oversee all the work connected with any claim, removing and repairing incured damages of such claim. REVEL company or any company apointed by REVEL have to be informed within 30 days of a supposed defect. The claim must be presented in clear, written form.