Pricing of REVEL-PEX System

The major advantage of the system is probably its price. Some components are half the price of comparable foreign kits and sometimes even cheaper. A heating system based on REVEL-PEX is currently much cheaper than traditional steel distributions. In case of radiator system the price depends mainly on the price of fittings, while the pipe price is virtually insignificant. As for floor heating, on the other hand, the pipe price is dominant. Significant price items also include the assembly speed and staff training requirements. These are generally highly favourable for REVEL-PEX even in comparison with copper systems. For budgeting it is convenient to use the new XProCAD REVEL program. Exact listing of materials allows determination of pricing even using a price list. In any case, the price depends on each individual solution of the system, which may significantly affect the resulting price. The practice shows that REVEL-PEX system installations are approximately 50% cheaper than copper systems.