Description REVEL-PEX System

EVEL-PEX is a very simple and reasonably priced system based on utilization of high-quality and well-proven materials. Our own production of pipes uses the know-how of the world’s leading manufacturer of silane-treated materials. Cross-linked polyethylene as a material for distributions of hot water up to 95°C has been used worldwide for almost 40 years and has become the best-proven and the most widely used plastic for household installations. Our cross-linked polyethylene features a specific stabilization and hence also higher resistance to various phenomena, such as the effects of copper ions, UV-radiation, chlorine in hot water environment and other. At present, our material belongs to the top-quality materials of world production. Generally, the cross-linked polyethylene is characterized by high resistance to expansion of random cracks and shape memory used in our system for jointing, but especially by long-term thermo-oxidative stability in hot water environment of 95°C (see graph E). The REVEL company uses a modern computer-controlled manufacturing technology and also follows the latest trends of connection pieces utilizing the PPSU structural material. The REVEL-PEX system passed demanding cyclic thermal and pressure tests and the production quality has been continuously monitored by several independent testing institutes. The piping is certified according to ISO, ASTM and CSA standards. The REVEL company is probably the only manufacturer in the world performing one-hour testing of the whole production of pipes at a water temperature of 85°C and pressure of 9 bars. Work with the system does not require specially trained workers, however, we recommend reviewing the instructional movie provided by the company on CD free of charge and reading the “Technical advice” mentioned thereinafter. The technical instruction on our web page has been continuously updated according to further experience acquired in the course of both design and assembly practice and the failure to comply with the terms stipulated there in may result in shorter system lifetime and loss of guarantee.