Why to choose REVEL radiators and convectors

Why to choose REVEL radiators and convectors:

  • Low water volume and lower energy consumption
  • Atypical customized design
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Thermal comfort and safety
  • Flexible radiator cover designs
  • Fans and controls for enhanced performance
  • Health benefits for the users
  • Quality guarantee and long-term warranty

REVEL offers radiators, convectors and fan-coils, which meet requirements for at least 50-year service life and 25-year warranty for the main part of the body, which is the copper heat exchanger with aluminium lamellas.

Covers coated with Komaxit powder, which are newly made of galvanized sheet, are normally supplied in a white colour, but they can be supplied in RAL colours for an additional fee. The damaged section of the cover can be replaced at any time, and even during the installation the covers are mounted only after all construction work has been completely finished.

Wall-mounted radiators and free-standing radiators are equipped with a longitudinal grate, and the cover installation is greatly facilitated by bayonet quick-couplings. Wall-mounted radiators are lightweight bodies and they can be mounted to the plasterboard wall constructions without any special fittings, using wall plugs only in both directions. Design of the bodies allows connection from the bottom, from the side or from the wall. Convectors with a very small volume of water perfectly follow the actions of the control elements, and their performance can be increased by additional fans, which are utmost suitable to speed up the heating start-up, in applications based on low-temperature systems or if there is a lack of space for the radiator.

Water-tight underfloor duct heaters using safe voltage 12V DC with water drain can be used, in addition to the heating systems, also in the cooling/air conditioning systems. With 95mm mounting depth they are matched to the structural height of the underfloor heating system.  Foot-safe cover grating of the floor duct heaters is available in beech natural varnish finish or in aluminium finish, both versions without any impact on the final price. Floor vent heaters should be installed with fans placed closer to the windows in the living rooms. In swimming pools and areas, in which condensation of vapour on the glass is to be reduced, we should place the fans closer to the room and the windows will be then blown with air through the heat exchanger. If the heating body needs to be connected from the other side on the installation site, it is possible to take out the heat exchanger from the tank and turn it as necessary, since the stainless steel tanks are accommodated thereto. Unevenness of the underlying surface should be compensated by set screws. Convectors are designed for water systems as well as for systems filled with anti-freeze mixtures and low-pressure steam systems.

Floor heaters or any "R" and "RV" heating bodies with fans must have a control system with transformer. REVEL releases a brand-new modular control unit bearing the designation "VPAT-R2", which is intended for up to 8 linear metres of units with axial fans (40 fans) and for 4 linear metres of units in tangential design (10 fans). It is possible to connect up to 32 modular control units VPAT-R2 to a single thermostat “TER”, however it is not allowed to connect more thermostats to a single modular control unit.  The above mentioned control module is integrated in one of the fan-coils in the assembly, but when used for pools or for the control of the “R” and “RV” heaters, it should be placed, similarly as the transformer, into a wall-mounted plastic box or directly into the electric panelboard. The control unit is fully automated with continuous speed control of the fans based on the room temperature, both in the heating and cooling mode. The unit is also fitted with temperature sensor to interlock fan operation when the heating water temperature is too low. Setting of the minimum, maximum and constant speed and switching over from the heating mode to the cooling mode can be done using the multi-function control on the thermostat. The company´s product range still includes small control unit VPAT-Z for 14 axial fans or for 3 tangential fans.