Advantages of copper convectors - Revel

Low water capacity and lower energy consumption

Malý objem vody a nižší spotřeba energie The low water capacity of convectors perfectly reacts to changes in regulation settings. The result is accelerated warm-up, full control over heating, eliminated heat loss and a guarantee of maintaining a constant room temperature. Less energy is required to heat the heating medium than for common convectors – the convectors are therefore considerate to the environment and the owner‘s wallet.

Custom atypical solutions

Atypická řešení na zakázkuVR exchangers can be used in architectonic valuable interiors by embedding them into preprepared covers which preserve the given historic style (interiors of national and cultural monuments). The convector can also be installed behind furniture – creating a so called „chimney effect“. The power of convectors can be increased with auxiliary ventilators.

Simple installation and handling

Jednoduchá montáž a manipulaceWith its light weight, wall convectors can be installed, for example, directly on dry walls (two-way dowels) without using special elements. The structural solution of convectors allows connections from the bottom, in the axis or from the wall. Covers are installed after all construction work is finished. The assembly of covers for all convectors is made easier with bayonet joints.

Heat comfort and safety

Tepelný komfort a bezpečnostConvectors use air circulation to heat a room. Thanks to this a room is heated smoothly and evenly, eliminating differences in the temperature. The feeling one gets from the heating is natural and rooms are not overheated nor are the covers overheated.

Flexible designs for radiator covers

Designově flexibilní řešení krytů radiátorůComaxit covers made of galvanized sheet metal are standardly supplied in white. The cover can be exchanged simply and quickly at any time, adapting the convector design to your interior. You can choose from any random RAL color or select an exclusive solution and receive a convector with a wooden trimming that comes in beech, oak, maple, mahogany and others.

Ventilators and regulation to increase power

Ventilátory a regulace pro zvýšení výkonu The power of heating elements can be increased by several tens of percent via silent axial auxiliary ventilators and automatic regulation. Therefore a smaller heating element can be used. Automatic regulation continuously controls the ventilator speed depending on the room temperature.

Copper convectors and the user‘s health

Měděné konvektory a zdraví uživatele The olygodynamic effect of copper convectors purifies the air in the room. Insignificant quantities of copper ions have a toxic effect on batteries, algae, mold, fungus and their spores. Copper radiators therefore permanently reduce the risk of illnesses being transferred between people and some types of allergies breaking out.

Quality guarantee and long-term warranty

Garance kvality a dlouhodobá záruka REVEL copper convectors have at least a fifty year service life and a 25 year warranty on the main components of the unit (copper exchanger with aluminum layers).