Water Heating with REVEL Heat Pump

Dvojbojler DZD Revel 2x160 l Water heating bills are the biggest chunk right after the space heating.
Heating of water with heat pump is highly efficient during the summer. The costs of water heating lie at CZK3/day, and therefore, the installation of solar panels would not pay off.
Hot water preparation should be a two-stage system composed of water pre-heating in a water heater with heat trap and additional heating in purely electric way in another heater. REVEL offers a brand-new duplex water heater DZD REVEL with a capacity of 2x160 litres.
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Exchange of your water heater for DZD REVEL Duplex water heater

The figures show replacement of the old 200L water heater in the bedroom (close to the areas with most frequent hot water consumption) by our duplex water heater DZD REVEL 2x160L. The passive pre-heating of well water is connected to the heating system operated with the air-to-water heat pump model LWRa-8kW.

Výměna bojleru za dvojbojler REVELVýměna bojleru za dvojbojler REVEL


Duplex water heater DZD Revel - 2x 160l - CZK 20.895 + VAT

Recommended wiring diagram

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