Payback Period of the REVEL Heat Pump and Operating Costs

Operating costs for the space heating, ventilation and hot water preparation in a private property with REVEL heat pumps LWR (a, b, c)-8kW may lie even below CZK1000/month.

The payback period of the LWRb-8kW heat pump is about 2 years.

These data are relevant for a medium-sized property (with a computed heat loss value of approx. 7kW), provided that all heated rooms have an underfloor heating system.

How did we come to this number?

Based on the above mentioned 7kW heat loss of the property, energy consumption for the space heating lies at 15MWh/year. Relevant operating costs of a conventional electric heating boiler would lie at around 39 thousand CZK. Based on experience gained during several winters for properties of this size, the backup source is not turned on at all, or it runs for a very short period of time. In such case, the average COP value lies at around 3. In other words, the operating costs will be 39 000: 3 = CZK 13 000. Since the heat pump has its own electric heating boiler integrated in the system, you can deduct around CZK 18 000 as investment into the electric heating boiler.
The operating cost savings for two years amount to 52 thousand + 18 thousand for electric heating boiler = 70 thousand.


Electric heating boiler

REVEL heat pump

Costs of two-year operation in CZK

78 000 26 000

Costs of electric heating boiler

18 000 0

Total costs

96 000 26 000

Amount saved with heat pump: CZK 70000

Price of the heat pump model LWRb 8kW

  59 000

Payback period of the REVEL heat pump: 2 YEARS

In fact, savings will be even higher, because we have not considered hot water preparation in the above calculations. Water heating costs are less than half the normal price when using the heat pump.
In addition, all electric appliances in your home using heat pump electricity tariff will run at the low rate of billing.