Installation of air-water heat pump in an old house

Instalace tepelného čerpadla

  • Tepelné čerpadlo LWRb-8kW - za 59 000 Kč + DPH Fully functional, quick, simple and safe installation
  • It can be implemented in any location of the existing heating system
  • Implementation period -  a half a day on average

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there are hundreds of thousands of older single family houses heated by solid fuels, where seniors dwell. Increasing age results in natural loss of vigour and for this reason, the investors are interested in how they could make heating of their houses as simple as possible. At the same time, they demand that heating is not too  expensive compared to their original  heating method. That is why our offer of REVEL heat pump installation can be a sought-after solution. Thanks to USP connection set, the installation of air/water heat pump of  LWRb-8kW type is fully functional, quick, simple and safe and in addition, due to powerful circulation pump, it can be implemented in any location of the existing heating system.

Instalace tepelného čerpadla What benefits can you expect from
air/water heat pump installation?

  • covering  50 to 100 % of heating period using an operating cost saving, unattended heat source;
  • reducing  the necessary fuel quantity and its piling;
  • reducing fly ash handling;
  • conversion of the entire house to a lower electric power rate D56;
  • cheaper hot water preparation (with connected preheating).

What increases the effect of heat pump installation?

  • thermal energy loss of the building  – the lower the better;
  • replacement of windows with new ones (not necessary);
  • heat cladding (not necessary);
  • radiator sizes – the bigger the better;
  • floor heating (not necessary).

Technical specifications for installation.

  • installation of USP set with a powerful circulation pump, filtration and protection of temperature sensor against high temperatures;
  • heat pump temperature control in accordance with room thermostat provided that setting of thermostatic heads is  increased by 2°C and the desired temperature at the temperature sensor is increased to a reasonable maximum value;
  • ethanol priming in quantities of 5 to 10 % of volume (only for closed system without blind rising pipes).

Heat pump connection in place of the removed radiator