Heat Pumps overview of the product range

Detailed information, overview of the product range and technical parameters

Type of heat pump Price

Model LWRa-8kWTepelné čerpadlo Revel LWR-8kWc (to -20 °C)
The LWRa-8kW heat pump is a combined heating/cooling unit with a built-in electric heating boiler, added features, a 7-year warranty and enhanced efficiency in severe frost.

CZK 89,000  + VAT

Model LWRb-8kWTepelné čerpadlo Revel LWRb-8kW (to -20 °C)
The LWRb heat pump has an adjustable hysteresis and other features, which make it perfectly suitable for the use in combination with underfloor heating systems and radiators as well. It has a built-in electric heating boiler. By rechipping (changing the software), replacing the controller and implementing minor technical modifications on site, this pump can be converted to LWRc model that is suitable for both heating and cooling.

CZK 61,950 + VAT

Model LWRc-8kWTepelné čerpadlo Revel LWR-8kWc (to -20 °C)
The  LWRc-8kW heat pump is intended for use in combination with low-temperature heating/cooling systems with a built-in electric heating boiler as a backup or bivalent source of heat).

CZK 79,000 + VAT

The total price for the heat pump installation, including frame support and USP box (without water heater) starts at CZK 77,000 excl. VAT.

By changing the code in the control system it is possible to initiate start-up of the electric heating boiler during defrosting of the evaporator, which is suitable for the combinations of the heat pump with HVAC systems.
All types of the air-to-water heat pumps benefit from the latest innovative trends, and by using rotary compressors, they achieve fairly good parameters in this particular case.

REVEL heat pumps

Our heat pumps benefit from the latest innovative trends in the field of coolants, and by using rotary compressors, the heat pump models LWR(a,b,c)-8kW achieve excellent parameters.  If the property size is large, there are two heat pumps installed and an electric bivalent and backup source (electric heating boiler) is always used.

Our recommendations

Although our heat pumps use fans with low noise levels and an adjustable night-time mode with reduced speed, you should not place the pump under the windows of your bedroom. Low-temperature underfloor system should be preferably installed in all heated rooms. Hot water is prepared in a two-stage system composed of water pre-heating in one water heater and final heating in purely electric way in another heater or local tankless water heaters. The water heaters are either standard products that are commonly available in the market for affordable prices, or you can use the duplex water heater DZD-REVEL 2x160 litres.
Where possible, you should prefer installation method without any fixed connection to the building structure, and the place of installation should be on the warmest side of your house.
Our USP multi-purpose connection box enables us to make an additional installation of the air-to-water heat pump and combine it with almost any type of the heating system. You can find more details on the page  Installation of Air-to-Water Heat pumps in Old Properties.

Heat Pump Model LWRa-8kW

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Tepelné čerpadlo vzduch - voda LWRc-8kW

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Heat Pump Model LWRb-8kW

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Heat Pump Model LWRc-8kW

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Comparison of Technical Specifications of Heat Pumps REVEL

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