Experience with the Air-to-Water Heat Pump

REVEL Heat Pump References

We have around 600 pumps installed in the Czech and Slovak Republic, and there have no major problems been reported during five winters, except for several defects in electronics, which were promptly removed.

Testimonials from our clients

I installed my REVEL heat pump 4 years ago and I am fully satisfied due to trouble-free operation and saving big money on heating costs.
Martin Šlechta, Mnichovice

I am very happy with my REVEL heat pump. Operated already three seasons, and still works perfectly.
Tomáš Grégr, Stará Huť

I would recommend the heat pump to anyone! I can save at least 10% of costs with my heat pump. I also like REVEL team´s approach. I claimed a minor defect (nothing essential) twice, and the REVEL team was always willing to help me and resolve my complaint quickly.
Jan Andrle, Příbram

I can´t say a bad word about my REVEL pump. I´ve got it in 2010 and I would give it an A+.
Petr Vítek, Příbram

The pump works perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone and I would definitely buy it again.
Václav Štrincl, Čtyřkoly

I am very happy with my REVEL heat pump. I recommend it to all my friends.
Libor Sakař, Mokrovraty

Previously, I was using electric convector heaters, and changed them for the heat pump in 2010. I am monitoring electricity consumption and my savings are really big, I can save around CZK 5 000. I would recommend the REVEL heat pump to anyone who wants to heat its home in a cheap and reliable way.
pan Mrázek, Sedlec-Prčice

Our experience from severe winter season

During an extremely harsh winter in 2012, we could obtain an illustrative representation of the relationship between the heat loss of the property and the installed output power of the heat pump for the underfloor heating system.

In case of a computed heat loss of 6 kW, the bivalent (backup) source covered 5% of the total consumption (approx. 650 kWh). For the calculated loss of 8 kW, the supplementary source covered 10% of the total consumption (approx. 1650 kWh) and for the calculated heat loss of 10 kW, there were 15% of the total consumption covered by the electric heating boiler (approx. 3150 kWh). When the loss was less than 6 kW, there was no need to turn on the supplementary electric heating boiler. It results from the above that if the heat loss of the property is 12kW and greater, it is highly recommendable to install two heat pumps. If radiators are used instead of underfloor heating, we would recommend installation of two heat pumps already from 10kW heat loss).

Heat loss of the property Heat demand covered by heat pump Heat demand covered by electric heating boiler
< 6 kW 100 % 0 %
6 kW 95 % 5 % (650kWh)
8 kW 90 % 10 % 1 650 kWh)
10 kW 85 % 15 % 3 150 kWh)

The results are very optimistic, based on additional heat gains inside the property from the installed appliances or from insolation. Another positive fact is that our heat pumps had no problems with reliability and defrosting, even under very difficult snowdrift conditions, etc.