Energy Savings with the Air-To-Water Heat Pump by REVEL

Savings achieved by using the heat pump will earn you up money for a new car in 10 years.

Které zařízení vám za 10 let vydělá na nové auto?

The payback period of the heat pump investment is around 2 years. For more details refer to the Payback period.

After two years, in which your heat pump will be fully paid back, you can save CZK 26 000 every year.
That is a saving of CZK 260 000 in 10 years.

How did we come to this number?

Based on the above mentioned 7kW heat loss of the property, energy consumption for the space heating lies at 15MWh/year. Relevant operating costs of a conventional electric heating boiler would lie at around 39 thousand CZK. Based on experience gained during several winters for properties of this size, the backup source is not turned on at all, or it runs for a very short period of time. In such case, the average COP value lies at around 3. In other words, the operating costs will be 39 000: 3 = CZK 13 000.


Electric heating boiler

REVEL heat pump

Costs of one-year operation in CZK

39 000 13 000
Cost of energy saved for one year of heat pump operation: CZK 26 000
Cost of energy saved for ten years of heat pump operation: CZK 260 000

In fact, savings will be even higher, because we have not considered  hot water preparation in the above calculations. Water heating costs are less than half the normal price when using the heat pump.
In addition, all electric appliances in your home using heat pump electricity tariff will run at the low rate of billing D56, which is 22 hours a day for all appliances in private properties. You can use all appliances at half the cost.

By using a heat pump we can save twice: