Advantages of Heat Pumps

There are a lot of reasons why you should install a heat pump in your property.

  • low operating costs
  • environmental friendliness
  • easy operation
  • short payback period  
  • lower electricity tariff
  • versatility: it may supply heat, cold and hot water to your home
  • minimum maintenance requirements
  • easy installation
  • no costs for chimney
  • no dedicated space for the boiler and fuel storage needed

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient home heating systems.  This is especially due to extra low operating costs and safe supply of heat by extracting energy from the ambient air. Another advantage is the environmental friendliness, in particular when comparing the heat pumps with conventional heat sources, such as coal, gas or heating oil. Heat pumps can be used not only for heating, but also for cooling and hot water preparation.  
In addition to that, heat pumps require only minimum maintenance. Since the heat pumps are not dependent on oil and natural gas, heat pump owners do not need to worry about the future prices of these kinds of fuel. Heat pumps are among the energy sources of the future, and as such, they offer high safety of heat supply over a long period of time.

More than just heating

Heat pumps are typically used for heating and hot water preparation. They can also be used for underfloor cooling. You will appreciate this feature especially during hot summer days. You do not need any additional equipment for the cooling but the heat pump must support this function (for example, pump model LWRc-8kW). Most heat pumps have an electric heating boiler installed as a backup energy source (for example, pump model LWRb-8kW or LWRc-8kW).