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REVEL is a purely Czech-owned company, which entered the market in 1993 (registered in 1994).

REVEL is the leading and largest domestic manufacturer of plastic piping systems based on cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X), a material that is best suited for large-area heating systems. It is also manufacturer and supplier of copper radiators with ancillary fans and continuous output control. These are products suitable for the use in low-temperature heating systems and in combination with heat pumps as well. The company has its own design team that will plan the system for your property, and our Installation Division can offer you the delivery of the whole system on turnkey basis. However, this is not mandatory, and after the drawings have been completed, decision regarding further steps is upon you. You can approach other companies in your region to obtain quotations for the supply of the system.

REVEL has entered the market as a manufacturer of plumbing systems, in which pipes made from cross-linked polyethylene PEX are used, and the company still remains the only manufacturer of such systems in the Czech Republic. Since 1998, it has its own production line for PEX pipes.

In the next few years, REVEL has expanded its production range, and today, it is the manufacturer and supplier of pipe joining systems and distributors made of brass and PPSU (polyphenylene sulphone), convection heaters (radiators) as well as wall-mounted, free standing and floor heaters of series VPA and VPT featuring either natural or forced circulation of air, and furthermore, its production range also includes floor-mounted fan-coil units and heat pumps as well as underfloor heating and cooling systems.

REVEL keeps up with the times by constantly monitoring the latest trends and using modern technologies in the production process. These have also been successfully applied during the construction of a new production facility with many innovative building features, among others a flat roof made of concrete with crystalline waterproofing system. During almost 18 years in business, REVEL has built up a strong position in the Czech and international markets and has gained a reputation of reliable manufacturer of high-quality products that attract the customers with favourable prices. REVEL grants a long-term guarantee for the products and its commitment to protect the environment is another key characteristic of the company´s policy. The products are thus not only cost-favourable, but they also meet stringent environmental requirements.

The main REVEL´s goal is full customer satisfaction from the first moment of contact, based on receiving a product that combines high-quality workmanship with long service life and affordable price.

27. 03. 2014

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